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Teeth whitening is a non-invasive way of brightening a discoloured or yellow smile.

Reverse staining caused by wear and tear, diet, and smoking in as little as 10 days using our trusted teeth whitening brands, Enlighten™ and Pola.

What is Enlighten™ teeth whitening?

Enlighten™ is an at-home teeth whitening brand that uses low-sensitivity whitening gel. The process is completely bespoke, using custom-made whitening trays to fit your teeth perfectly. The whitening trays are worn for 4 to 6 hours a day.

Why choose to have your teeth whitened?

Increased confidence levels

The simple act of getting your teeth whitened can work wonders for your confidence and willingness to smile in general.

Easy and convenient

Applying the whitening gel takes just a couple of minutes each day, and there’s no need to adopt any special treatment when it comes to brushing and flossing. We recommend avoiding teeth staining food and drink during your treatment. You will find the whitening trays easy to get used to (you may even forget you have them in at all!)

Guaranteed results

Enlighten™ is the only teeth whitening system in the world to guarantee a B1 shade. This is the whitest shade your teeth can go without the use of veneers or composite bonding treatment using porcelain or composite resins.

Your teeth whitening journey

Step 1: Whitening consultation

You will need to attend a consultation prior to starting the treatment process. We will check your teeth and gums to ensure they are healthy enough to proceed with a treatment like teeth whitening. Patients must have decay and disease-free teeth before proceeding with cosmetic dental treatment.

Step 2: Making your teeth whitening aligners

Impressions (moulds) of your teeth are taken so that the whitening trays can be made by Enlighten™. The whitening trays are sent back to the practice.

Step 3: Whitening process

Your dentist will instruct you on how to apply the whitening gel to each groove in your whitening trays. You can decide whether to wear your trays by day or night (whichever works best for you).

Step 4: Top-ups

We recommend using whitening gel every 12 months to maintain the original results of treatment. Your dentist can provide you with these gels – please do not use any gel that has not been prescribed by your dentist.


How long do the results of Enlighten™ last?

Enlighten has the potential to last for up to 3 years, though the exact length of time your teeth remain white will be dictated by the following:

  • How well you care for them.
  • How often do you visit the hygienist to have the plaque and tartar removed from your gum line
  • How often you top-up the results.

How quickly does Enlighten™ work?

You will notice your tooth shade start to change in the first 3 or 4 days of starting treatment. Within 10 to 14 days, your teeth will have significantly whitened. If you are just looking to make a minor change to your tooth shade, we will provide you with a lower concentrate gel to be used for 1-3 hours each day.

How much is teeth whitening in Derby?

Please view our fee page for the cost of both Enlighten™ teeth whitening.

We also offer Pola teeth whitening as an alternative whitening system to Enlighten™.

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