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Removing a tooth can become necessary when a dental infection or an injury cause the tissues inside a tooth to die.

In cases where we can’t save the tooth with root canal therapy, one of our experienced dentists can carefully remove it to prevent further problems.

Getting you comfortable as soon as possible

In some cases, a severely decayed tooth can be symptomless, so check-ups really are of the utmost importance, allowing your dentist to thoroughly check your mouth for silent signs of decay.

However, in many cases damaged and decayed teeth can be extremely painful. Removing the tooth will begin the process of reducing your pain levels. Once the gum has healed, you will be able to get on with your normal routine again, pain-free.

Preventing further oral health problems

It may sound odd, but removing teeth can actually stabilise your oral health. A severely decayed or damaged tooth poses all kinds of risks including the spread of infection; when left untreated and allowed to enter the bloodstream this can compromise your general health.

Enhancing your oral function

A problem tooth unfit for chewing can make mealtimes a mammoth challenge. Once the tooth has been removed, you will find it much easier to enjoy your food, especially once a restoration like an implant has been placed (if the problem tooth is vital to chewing function).

Wisdom tooth removal

Having your wisdom teeth extracted is a routine procedure that can dramatically improve your quality of life (if they have become impacted). Our dentists have performed this procedure countless times so you’re in excellent restorative hands.

Symptoms indicating tooth removal is needed include:

  • Severe pain and pressure around the tooth
  • A dental abscess
  • Jaw pain and stiffness
  • Severe gum pain
  • A strange taste around the tooth


Do I need to replace an extracted tooth?

This will depend on the reason for extracting your tooth. If we are extracting your wisdom teeth, or other teeth that are causing crowding in your mouth, these do not need to be replaced. However, it is highly advisable to have teeth fundamental to chewing and oral function replaced. We offer a range of tooth replacement solutions including dental implants.

How much is a Tooth Extraction in Derby?

Please view our fees page to find out about the cost of tooth extraction at Ashbourne Road Dental.

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