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Dental bridges are a highly reliable and economical solution for tooth loss.

They are fixed within the mouth, so you won’t have to worry about your teeth slipping out of position when you chew and speak. Dental bridges fill the gaps in your smile. A crown is attached to a supporting tooth, and a false tooth is placed in the gap.

Why choose a dental bridge for tooth replacement?

Improve your smile

Even just one or two gaps in your teeth can put years on your facial aesthetic. A bridge replaces the gaps in your teeth, resulting in a smile that will be noticed by others for the right reasons.

Natural-looking smiles

Your dental bridge structure and the individual crowns and false teeth that make up the bridge are just for you. The materials used to make your dental bridge are almost identical to real tooth enamel, and the width and length of each tooth will be carefully considered before the bridge is designed and fitted.

Stop structural facial changes

Your teeth have a lot of responsibility, not just for chewing and biting, but for keeping the jawbone robust and supported. When you lose natural teeth, the entirety of the lower face region can become misshapen, appearing gaunt and without volume. A dental bridge gives the lower face a full-bodied appearance synonymous with youth and vitality. When your bridge is in, this can also help to reduce sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles around the lip area.

0% finance

Spread the cost of your tooth replacement treatment with a dental bridge to ensure it makes financial sense for you.

Your dental bridge journey

Step 1: Consultation

Your full consultation is when we will explain the treatment and take digital scans, X-rays and photographs of your mouth and jaw.

The teeth on either side of the gaps in your smile will need to be in good condition. This is so they can support the bridge. If this is not the case, we can look at restorative treatment to address this or alternative treatment such as dentures.

We will present you with a treatment plan in the days after your consultation if you are eligible for treatment.

Step 2: Preparation and design

The abutment teeth (those supporting the bridge) will need to be filed down to an appropriate shape and thickness for the bridge. This is carried out under local anaesthetic. A shade match is taken to ensure the crowns and false teeth will match your existing tooth colour.

Step 3: Fitting your bridge

Your permanent bridge is cemented in place. We may make some minor tweaks during this appointment. We will explain the correct oral care needed to maintain your bridge.


Why choose Ashbourne Road for bridgework?

Ashbourne Road Dental is a long-established dental practice in the heart of Derby with an excellent reputation for patient care.

Our vision is to create a dental practice that reflects quality, has a caring attitude towards our patients, and a team that strives every day to do our utmost for patients.

We have many years of combined tooth replacement knowledge and use only the safest, most sustainable, and restorative materials to make your crowns and bridge structure.

Can I have a bridge with implants?

Yes. We offer implant bridges, which are a premium alternative to traditional bridges. These are recommended for patients who are looking for a longer-term solution and an enhanced level of stability.

How much is a dental bridge in Derby?

Please view the cost of a dental bridge at Ashbourne Road Dental here.

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